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“From the point of view of form, the type of all the arts is the art of the musician. From the point of view of feeling, the actor’s craft is the type.”

Oscar Wilde – The Picture of Dorian Gray (preface)


For a full listing of all my theatre credits see here, or explore some highlights below.


Role: Oriel Lamb

Director: Ryan Whitworth-Jones

Lane Cove Theatre Company (2023)

Photo Credit: Jim Crew / Hailley Hunt

Featuring: Andrew Phillips, Eva Chen, Sarah Ballantyne, Harrison Collis-Oates, Dan Fox, Nicholas Fitzsimmons, Matthew Giles, Katie Picton


Theatre Travels (Scott Whitmont) 

Lane Cove Theatre Company continually demonstrates what can be achieved by a stellar ensemble that channels profound emotion and demonstrates a masterful ability to move an audience. Anna Desjardins as the irrepressible Lamb matriarch, Oriel, is perhaps the prime example of this talent, acting with pathos and conviction.

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business

Role: Meg

Director: Vivien Wood

Hunters Hill Theatre (2022)

Photo Credit: Dan Ferris

Featuring: Laura Stead, Kirsty McGowan, Chloe Horne, Lois Marsh, Dan Ferris


Stage Whispers (Carol Wimmer)

“The women appear to have known each other for years, put up with each other’s foibles, and shared each other’s dreams. This is especially evident in a scene where the bride, Meg (Anna Desjardins) reminisces with her best friend Lucy (Laura Stead). Desjardins and Stead chat with the warmth and intimacy of trusting friends.”

Little Women

Role: Marmee

Director: Penny Wilson

Eastwood Uniting Church Musical Society (2022)

Photo Credit: Joshua and Adam Wilson

Featuring: Jessica James-Moody, Wendy Cosier, Amelia Keith, Rebecca Wilson  

The Cripple of Inishmaan

Role: Eileen

Director: Dave Went

Castle Hill Players (2021)

Photo Credit: Chris Lundie

Featuring: Robert Snars, Jan Mahoney, Annette Emerton, Aimee Honor-Eltham, Toby Rowe 


Sydney Arts Guide

Billy has been raised by two caring but eccentric sisters, lolly eating Eileen played by Anna Desjardins, and Kate, who talks to stones when stressed, played by Jan Mahoney. They form a wonderfully entertaining duet bouncing words off each other…”

Julius Caesar / All’s Well That Ends Well

Roles: Soothsayer / Cicero / Trebonius / First Lord / Widow

Directors: Kyle and Patricia Rowling

Bard on the Beach (2020)

Photo Credit: Matt Oxley

Featuring: Leofric Kingsford-Smith, Chris Miller, Giani Fenech, Martin Estridge  

The Taming of the Shrew

Role: Widow

Director: Tom Peach

Streamed Shakespeare (2020)

See the Widow in action in Act 5, Scene ii (1:33:10)

Catch Ariel from The Tempest, in Streamed Shakespeare’s Best of the Bard (13:06)

A Room with a View

Role: Miss Bartlett

Director: Mark Nagle

Genesian Theatre (2019)

Photo Credit: Grant Fraser

Featuring: Karyn Hall, Cris Bocci, Valentin Lang, Joshua Shediak, Ravel Balkus, James Moir, Phoebe Atkinson, Tristan Black, Christopher Dibb  


Sydney Arts Guide

“Charlotte is a difficult role as her manipulations need to be annoying, aging spinster based, rather than Machiavellian and Anna Desjardins does a great job
here. Desjardins also handles the redemption arc with complete believability eschewing the self-martyrdom we have seen in her early scenes.”

More Reviews

Stage Whispers

“Her aunt and chaperone, Charlotte, whose early restrained poise and rectitude is
gradually eroded by the influence of others, is played by Anna Desjardins.
Desjardins finds all of this in a controlled performance that portrays the challenges
faced by the character, and her changing warmth.”

Also, see this review from State of the Art

Ladies in Black

Role: Miss Cartwright / Myra

Director: Debbie Smith

Genesian Theatre (2019)

Photo Credit: Vicki Skarratt

Featuring: Rosanna Hurley, Liberty Thirsk, Robby Green, Greg Thornton, Freya Moore  

The Unexpected Guest

Role: Miss Bennett

Director: Jess Davis

Genesian Theatre (2018)

Featuring: Ravel Balkus, Thomas Southwell, Alexandra Kelly, Tricia Youlden, Peter David Allison

Calendar Girls

Role: Annie

Director: Christopher Hamilton

Hunters Hill Theatre (2018)

Featuring: Liz Grindley (Adcock), Michael Richmond  


It’s On the House

Special mentions are deserved to our main ladies; Liz Grindley as the fierce and passionate Chris, and Anna Desjardins as the quiet, grieving but certainly not saintly Annie. Their chemistry as friends with a long history was phenomenal and led to their scenes feeling deep and authentic.”

Moon Over Buffalo

Role: Roz

Director: Christopher Hamilton

Hunters Hill Theatre (2017)

Photo Credit: Grant Fraser

Featuring: Jenny Jacobs, Jack Elliot Mitchell  


Role: Stepmother

Director: Caroline Reddel

Eastwood Uniting Church Musical Society (2016)

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