Children’s Picture Books

Perfect for children aged 4+

These stories, published by Putto Press, feature sibling silliness, piggy performances and one very bossy duck. 

Ages 4+

A Most Unusual Pig

Illustrator: Rozzy Hibbard

Priscilla knows she doesn’t fit in. Instead of rolling around in the mud like the other pigs, she spends time in her quiet corner.

Until the day she meets someone who helps her see that it’s okay to be different.

Anna is Annoyed

Illustrator: Janet Tiitinen

At the playground, Anna always saves the best till last. But today, something VERY ANNOYING is in the way…

Bessie the Bilby

Needs a Friend

Illustrator: Janet Tiitinen

Bessie is lonely.

She decides to go looking for a fluffy, furry friend with long ears, just like her.

But where do all the bilbies live?

The Spotty Sock Mystery

Illustrator: Heidi Cooper Smith

When one of Felix’s favourite socks goes missing, he has a big mystery on his hands.

Where could his spotty red sock be?

Ages 5+

A Wibbly Wobbly Idea

Illustrator: Mat Faint

Billy is full of great ideas for useful and amazing and glorious inventions.

When a new idea wibbles and wobbles its way into his head he wonders if this will be the one that everyone, ABOLUTELY EVERYONE will love.

Douglas Duck Thinks He’s the Boss

Illustrator: Jimmy Peacock

Douglas Duck thinks he’s the boss, of the rocks and the reeds and the sticks and the moss.

But not everyone at the pond agrees. Douglas may just be in for a surprise…

Windy Town

Illustrator: Katie Chappell

Windy Town is too windy!

The people of Windy Town dream of living somewhere with a bit less breeze. When a bright orange bus blows into town one day, they might just get their wish…

Maggie Goes to the Museum

Illustrator: Elizabeth Munro

“Coyle’s Cool Cats, line up!” shouts Mr Coyle and everyone giggles. “Put your time-travel goggles on and follow me!”

Maggie and her class are off to the museum. But, never in a million years, would Maggie have imagined what would happen next…

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